5 Best Folding Knives for Self-Defense

Nov 15th 2018

Folding Knives for Self-Defense

Choosing the best  folding knife for self-defense isn’t always easy. With so many options available, you’ll probably want to take some time over your decision and choose a blade that really fits in your personal defense strategy.

Some people might prefer an assisted flipper, while others like a discrete blade with  deep-pocket carry so they’re ready in an instant. The very best folding knife for self-defense could definitely vary depending on your preference, but we’ve highlighted some of the best around, with features that could help you when it counts.

1. Off-Grid Knives – OG-219B Rapid Fire Blackout

You want a self-defense knife that lets any potential threat you mean business. With the Rapid Fire Blackout’s all-black, titanium nitride coating, you’ll be letting criminals know that the knife you’re carrying isn’t for spreading butter. One of the great things about this knife is its all-position mounting clip. You’ll find a position that lets you draw the Blackout quickly when you recognize a threat.

The spring assisted draw is ideal for a one-hand deployment where an attacker could be restricting your movement. Take some time to practice, and you’ll be prepared for anything.

2. Off-Grid Credit Card Knife

We’ve snuck this one into the list because it has such a clever design that it’s bound to come in handy as a self-defense tool. Picture the scene: you’re heading to the ATM to withdraw cash late at night, and suddenly a violent criminal tries to snatch your cash – luckily, you’ll have a knife right there in your wallet. Perfect the action, and you’ll always have a knife in reach that you can draw in an instant to deter an attacker.

3. Off-Grid Knives – OG-178 Damascus Blade

One thing to bear in mind, when forming your self-defense strategy, is to consider the psychology of your opponent. The sight of this 71-layer Damascus steel blade is enough to show your attacker you’re serious about knives. You’ll have them doubting their chances when they see such a unique blade and figure out you’ve got the techniques to protect yourself. Bear in mind that most criminals are cowards and may run when they feel uncertain about their chances of survival or success in a situation.

4. Off-Grid Knives – OG-950 Cleaver Flipper Knife

For another intimidation strategy, consider drawing on the power of horror with this cleaver shaped knife. You could trigger some serious fear instincts by showing a criminal this uniquely-shaped cleaver blade. It’s enough to send a criminal running scared by evoking images of a murderous butcher – they don’t want to end up in the slaughterhouse!

5. Off-Grid Knives – OG-808S All-Day Nano

Although there’s nothing wrong with gimmicks to surprise and inspire fear in your attacker, proper training with this  Aus-8 steel knife can make you a force to be reckoned with. It’s a fast-drawing assisted flipper, and once you get used to the action, it might be one of the fastest-deploying blades in your collection.

This knife comes with a loop for hooking onto your keychain. Many criminals target people approaching their car or home for an easy way to break in – with a knife on your keychain, you’ll always have a blade in reach to protect yourself, and your family, should the need arise.